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Our History

Our History

Graceland International School is a co-educational institution. It is a truthful saying and worthy of all acceptance that a house is made of walls and beams but a home is built with love and dreams. The vision and dream to raise a generation of great achievers came true as the supremacy and pre-eminence of the Almighty God was recognised several years back. Hence, one cannot but praise the Almighty God for opening our eyes of understanding to the great commission of building a nation of leaders with the ‘excellent spirit of God’ through the potency of an indispensable tool called Pen. No doubt, the pen is mightier than the sword. The need to transcend high to another phase or level irrespective of the previous achievements is our priority for the present generation. Though victory is preceded by a season of preparation, it can no more appear spontaneously and erratically than can a flower or mountain. It must be achieved by an orderly succession of well-directed efforts and divine support. To scale to an elevated altitude, there is the need for a virtuous life that is regenerated and of an excellent and noble quality.

Graceland International School is established to provide sound and structured formal academic excellence to students across the globe. To the glory of God, I perceive that heaven’s windows have been flung open upon Graceland’s students to trigger off laurels-winning streak in American Mathematics Competition and Science Olympiads; extraordinary exploits in Schlumberger Secondary Schools Scinece Quiz Competition; Gold trophy-winning wonder-wand in NAFDAC Consumer Safety Quiz and International Cultural Exchange Essay Writing Competition; and a long string of manifestations in Toyota Dream Car, Rubik’s Cube and Cowbell National Secondary Schools Mathematics Competition among others. The school is located at 25/27 Liberation Stadium Road, Elekahia, Port Harcourt. The institution, which currently runs both day and boarding systems officially took off in September 15, 2003. As the path of the just shines with progressive intensity to a perfect-day , so the divinely orchestrated success prowess of Graceland International School has dynamically continued to glitter year after year, dazzling the world around us.

Evolutionary Trends

Our Students come from a variety of nationalities though at present the majority are Nigerian nationals. The school encourages students to appreciate the national and cultural diversity we have, where students of all nationalities associate freely and amicably. The school is anchored on Christianity, which creates the enabling environment for the students’ reception of God’s offer of gift of salvation, but students from other religious groups are also welcome and live in harmony. All students are encouraged to take an active part in the life of the school, participating in sporting, cultural, academics and national events. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions, and to behave in a mature and sensible way at all times, both in the school , and outside the school. At Graceland International School , we ensure all students follow a broad study programme, carefully designed to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum of Ministry of Education. Through our programme, we prepare our students for successful completion of their secondary education at SSSCE, NECO, WAEC Level. The Graceland International School aims to inspire its students: To discover and realise their full academic, sporting, artistic and personal potential To aim for and reach, on leaving, places in higher education or employment which will stretch and fulfill them to the utmost. To become well rounded young men and women who enjoy life and contribute to the lives of others To become leaders, learning how to think for themselves, cooperate, solve problems, make decisions and communicate effectively To reflect and act on the spiritual and moral dimensions of life in making a contribution to the world To respect others, to be open-minded, tolerant, principled and honest.

Graceland History

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